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What is your return/exchange policy?


Like most stores in our industry, all of our sales are final.  We do not offer returns or exchanges so please make sure you have the correct item prior to leaving.


What if I buy a disposable vape that doesn't work? 

Disposable vapes are the number one item our customers ask to return/exchange. In fact if you look up the negative reviews on a number of local shops, they include complaints about poorly functioning disposable vapes.  These devices have a very high fail rate compared to refillable units.  Unfortunately, these products have no manufacturer warranty.  However, we allow all of our customers to test their purchased disposable vapes prior to leaving.  If we see it isn't working right then and there we will exchange it for another one.  Once you leave the store we CANNOT exchange it.

What if my vaporizer breaks while under warranty?

A majority of the electronic devices we sell have amazing warranty programs.  However, many of these manufacturers will not allow us to return an opened device or file a claim on your behalf.  They prefer to deal directly with the consumer.  If you have a problem or concern regarding your device please reach out to the manufacturer directly.  If you have any questions regarding a product's warranty please feel free to reach out to us at, while we cannot return the item, we are always happy to answer questions.

Puff Co



Storz Bickel (Volcano)



Geek Vape

Why are websites selling some of your products for a cheaper price?

All of our pricing is set by our distributors/manufacturers.  The discrepancy in pricing can occur for a number of reasons.  First, the manufacturer sometimes will run an online sale or have a price drop.  We are not always notified of these sales.  Secondly, some online retailers purchase such large quantities of an item they receive special bulk pricing.  This allows them to sell the products for much cheaper.  Think of it as buying an item at Walmart versus a mom and pop store, Walmart will usually be cheaper because they can buy in greater bulk.  Because these sellers buy in such large quantity, they sometimes need to make room in the warehouse for newer products and will discount a product for pennies or dollars over their purchase price just to move them.  Also, some of these online retailers are based in China where many of these products are made which again allows them to get special pricing.  Lastly, and most upsetting, is sometimes these online retailers sell clone or counterfeit merchandise.  While there are plenty of legitimate online retailers counterfeit merchandise has been an increasing problem in the industry.  If you shop online please be careful and make sure you are buying an authentic unit.  That is why we  work directly with manufacturers and reputable distributors who stand by the authenticity of the product, even though it might cost us a little more.  

Do you price match?


In most instances we will match the price on the manufacturers website.  An exception to this would be if the manufacturer is selling the product for less than what we receive it for.   We will not  price match third party online sellers.   

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