We Opened up in 2008 as a tobacco and vape shop. In 2013 we took a chance into bring CBD Hemp into the DFW area. since then we wanted to not just be a tobacco and vape shop but we wanted to help more people out there. In 2013 we decided to make it our mission to search for Highest-Caliber U.S Grown CBD Hemp and U.S manufactured products. After more regulations passed in 2018 we decided to open up The Glass House TX CBD & Wellness, to help teach people a way to improve the quality of life through holistic science. With being able to do this we where able to not just deal with 1 specific vendor but this allowed us to find multiple vendors that have exceeded our expectations. Our Industrial hemp is grown between California, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and Hawaii. This allows customers to experience a wide variety of the different strains of CBD Hemp that's out there.